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Team Innovative has been delivering for its clients using best practices, cutting edge solutions and innovations that 
are customized to client needs. 
Modernization (JETS)

Team Innovative provided cutting edge solutions to modernize from legacy mainframe to microservices using best practices, innovative solutions and expertise. Application consisted of complex business rules which were migrated to Drools (business rules engines), mainframe code was reverse engineered and 12 Factor best practices were applied to develop equivalent microservices. 


Team Innovative is well versed in DevSecOps practices and has applied i on multiple projects to meet and exceed client expectations. We have combined 250+ years of experience on Agile and DevSecOps practices and clients can benefit from our extensive expertise. Our team specializes in DevSecOps tools like: CI/CD (Jenkins), Cloud (AWS. GCP) , Twistlock, Fortify, Openshift, Kubernetes, Docker as well as API gateways like APIGEE, Kong.

Architecture and Design Services (AADS II)
Artificial Intelligence

We have Architects who can code and developrs who can Architect following best practices that we ensure gets cross pollinated and becomes second nature for each and every team member. Using our best practices and expertise, we have helped clients achieve solutions using cutting edge solutions like Serverless (AWS Lambda) and Microservices boot strapper and microservices registries. 

Team innovative worked with our clients to deliver on a cutting edge solution to use data to infer future looking results based on past data and variables. Our systems self learns using AI algorithms and models that we developed and provide advanced business decision making to clients. 

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