Our Team

Dev OPS Expert

We have DevOps specialists who are experienced and trained software development professionals with a background in information technology and management. If you are working on developing software for either internal use or external distribution that will be heavily relied on by IT professionals, then bringing a DevOps specialist into your team is a powerful way to achieve your desired results.


DevOps specialists can work with you to help ensure your software development project promotes collaboration between the web service users it targets and the software developers who are creating it. 

CI/CD Expert

We are passionate about CI/CD, it provides repeatable deployment process  across different environments like dev, QA, staging and production. Everything is automated right after code is checked in. There’s fast and quick resolution time for emergencies. Our experts can make it a reality for your applications. 

MicroServices Expert

Microservice architecture is a method of developing software applications as a suite of independently deployable, small, modular services in which each service runs a unique process and communicates through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism to serve a business goal. 


Our team provides expert consultation in developing MicroServices using Docker, OpenShift, Consul, Swagger. 

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