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Our Expertise

We have a team of experts providing expertise in some of the following areas. 
Strategy & Organization

Our consultants are experts at developing a strategy and organization which aligns with your mission and value statements. We bring the industries best practices and are able to provide structure to abstract ideas while positioning your business for success. 

Federal and Commercial

We have US citizens working on Federal projects, while at the same time leveraging experts local and across the globe experts across time zones to provide the best solution possible. We have experts and partners who can add value onsite as well as offsite in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Software Development

Our experts are Agile software development leaders, following the industry best practices. Some areas of expertise include providing value thru DevOPS, CI/CD, Software development, automation testing, microservices, Big Data, Analytics. 

IT Management

We have experts who pride themselves being on teh cutting edge of IT management services. Our focus is always the customers mission and we follow LEAN management priciples,, keeping the customer needs fron and center. ​A number of principles lie at the heart of Lean thinking: having a clear sense of mission (or “True North” in Lean parlance); keeping the customer front and center at all times; pushing responsibility and accountability to the front lines of the organization; and systematically improving products, services and processes so that they add more and more value.


Innovative IT Systems takes a long term view of our business practices while emphasizing customer foucs. We beleve in cultivating long term business relations and partnerships to mutually benefit all parties involved and keep the business sustainable for the long term, while meeting and exceeding customer needs. 

Staff Augmentation

We have a great team based in the US homeland, who are available to solve customers current and future needs. Whether you are looking for a short term staffing need or looking for longer term engagements, our recruiting team can help. With recruiters located in the US as well as in RPO in India, we can bring you the best and the brigtest

at affordable rates and meet your current and future needs. 


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